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EOD B2F Full Guide deadmanschest version, With 9 Optional Chest and Honor points
July 7, 2009, 7:03 am
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Number 38 and above:
Added Death Emblem Quest, forgot to add it style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif
Added a short summary of honor points and treasure chest in the last section
No change in numbers 1 to 37.

Well since our forum limits us from posting 10 images on the same post, might as well do it in multiple post.

Frozen Tower of Undead (B2F) Full Guide

Entry Level Requirement: 105

1. Once you enter inside you will see a tomb near you, click it and choose the 1st option.

2. Now you’ll see another tomb ahead of you, click it to activate the flower gate. You could kill some monsters if you like but as much as possible ignore it and proceed ahead.

3. This one’s pretty hard especially on lower levels or if you have a very low defense. You need to kill 2 Death Flower Queen, wear your vampiric gears and as much as possible you need a high % hp steal because those Death Fogs around you have a very high defense.

4. After killing the 2 Queens, click the tomb as seen in the picture then proceed to the next room.

5. In this room you need to kill some zombies that appear by batch, after killing some zombies Ekzane will appear, kill him and break the chest then proceed to the next room.

6. Touch the tomb first then the Flame Emperor Zombie will appear, you could also drag him as seen in the picture so that those Death Flowers won’t be able to attack you.

7. After killing the boss, click the sword then answer 1-1-1-1-3-1-1-1-3-1, break the chest then proceed to the next room.

8. Touch the remains and answer 1-2-1.

9. Go forward, as much as possible ignore all the monsters around. Click the gate controller as seen in the picture.

10. This one is also tough if you don’t have enough % hp and max hp steal per hit. Go to the 2nd mirror spot then the monsters at the back will all come to you including Arban Raikette. Kill Arban Raikette and don’t forget to loot his quest item drop then break the chest near the slide gate.

11. Wait for the slide gate to open then dash/blink inside and kill the monsters around you but as much as possible try to avoid luring the Phantom Archer at the very back of the room I’ll tell you the reason later but if you don’t plan on doing the optional quest go ahead and clean the room.

12. Kill Fellins Luerow and don’t forget to loot the quest item before breaking the chest.

NOTE: You may skip this part and proceed to #16 if ever you don’t want to do the optional quest

13. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT so please read and understand this one because many people got screwed on this part most of the time. As seen on the picture, try to avoid killing the archer unless all the mobs around you are dead. Before killing the archer, BE VERY alert because after killing the archer a WARNING sign in the screen will popup and also the CRUEL BAT which will only appear for about 5seconds on a RANDOM location inside that room, so find and kill him quick if you don’t, say goodbye to the optional quest because he will not appear again. After killing him, be sure to loot his drop Nasty Potion then go back Arban Raikette’s room again.

14. As seen on the picture, click the coffin and use the potion, be ready because a couple of mobs will appear before the Vampire. After killing the Vampire, be sure to loot his quest item drop then go past the slide gate again.

15. Here you need to click the 2nd coffin and do the same like in #14. After this you can now proceed to the 2nd slide gate.

16. In this room kill Perzen Bhha, don’t forget to loot his drop then break the chest.

NOTE: you may proceed to #18 if you didn’t do 13-16

17. Be ready in this one because after you open the gate there will be 3 batch of monsters each consisting of 1 miniboss, also the gate will close but you can easily destroy it once you defeated all 3 miniboss.

18. Click the coffin and then kill the boss Vampire. After killing him say hello to your 1st optional chest, also don’t forget to click on the small box beside the coffin to receive 3200 honor points.

19. Now go back near the 2nd Slide gate, click the controller below the stairs. Before operating the controller be SURE to look on your time because after 60seconds a Phantom Watcher will appear for 5seconds like the Nasty Bat, anyway if you were not able to kill the Phantom Watcher then more monsters will spawn inside Printz Verzen room.

20. Kill Printz Versen, loot his quest item drop and then break the chest.

21. In this room look for the 2 huge shining tomb as seen on the picture, answer 2-1-1

22. As seen on the picture, click 1 first and then all answers should be the last option, click 2 and receive 100 honor points.

23. Look for another gate with a tomb on its right, click the tomb and choose all the last option for the answer.

24. Inside this small room, activate the controller and don’t kill the Red, Green and Blue ghost. Lure them in Printz room before killing them, after killing the three colored ghost the gate will close again but can destroyed After destroying the gate lure all the white ghost in one corner of Printz room. After luring out all the white ghost talk to the controller again and activate it to destroy the gate ahead of you.

25. In this room after you go below the stairs, another warning will appear and after around 5minutes Jumar Carbo will spawn along with some Death Bladers. Kill Jumar Carbo and then break the chest.

26. Click the tombstone in the corner of the room; choose all the last option for the answer. After this a gate will break, kill the Durahan’s in the stairs where the gate was before then Andreas Schultz will appear after 5 minutes.

NOTE: you may proceed to # 31 if you didn’t do the optional quest.

27. Instead of waiting him to spawn you can now go back and do some optional quest for the 8 troll boss.

28. Go back to the room after the Death Flower room; look for the mirror then in the corner, choose any option until you get the quest item.

29. Click the next mirror and get the quest item in the next room as shown in the picture.

30. Go back to the room where you got 3200 honor points. There’s a mirror in the corner, click it and get 500 honor points and a quest item.

31. Go back to Andreas Schultz room; he should have spawned by now. As usual kill him and break the chest. Also if your having a hard time in killing him because of the mobs, you can lure him down in Jumar Carbo room.

32. After killing Andreas Schultz, talk to the well and answer 1-1-4-1-1 then the torture device answer 1-1-4-1.

33. Here you need to be ready, once you activate the controller dash/blink as fast as you can because once the walls in this U-turn room activates you may end up dying if you have low defense.

34. Once inside, activate the controller to receive 500 honor points. Kill the mobs in this small hallway until the gate breaks. Proceed to Killian Grausten room.

35. Kill Killian Grausten. After killing him, a group of monsters will spawn in your back so be very careful. Anyway after killing the monsters around you just wait until the Death Prime Knight Spawn.

35. Lure the Death Prime Knight out from the mobs, after luring him out, kill him. After killing him a group of Killian Grausten illusions will appear. If you kill the right one, the others will vanish and then the real Killian Grausten will spawn.

36. Kill Killian Grausten for the last time, then break the chest and click on the altar to receive 3000 honor points.

NOTE: Clicking the white circle will transfer you to the last room.

37. It’s not over yet if your doing the optional quest, this one is rather tough because you need to go back to Andreas room and click the torture device again to weaken the soul stone, after that you need to go back again in the hallway before Killian room, click the remains.

38. After doing all the directions stated above, click the Remains(Skeleton) as seen on the picture to get a Death Emblem.

39. Talk to the altar again to place the Death Emblem after that talk to coffin behind the altar to get another 3000 honor points.

40. Now the last part, go back and clean Jumar Carbo room. After cleaning the room click the torture device in that room and summon the 1st troll. You read it right the 1st!! troll, you need to kill 8 freaking trolls just for the sake of having additional 4 treasure chest, 3 relic chest, 1 legacy chest and also 4700 honor points reward.

41. After killing each troll the gate in the corner will open, you need to dash/blink as fast as possible and break the chest then go back to Jumar Carbo room again before the gate CLOSES. That’s right the gate will close, if ever you get trapped inside just click the portal then you’ll be inside the last room with a big rock, don’t click the big rock in the center because it will end the dungeon, just go in the left most portal and enter it, you will end up in Printz room, pretty close to Jumar Carbo room, now you need to kill all the remaining trolls.

42. After killing all 8 trolls, click the torture device again to receive 4700 honor points.

43. You can now use the portal in the treasure room and proceed to the last room. Inside this room, just talk to the big rock and end the dungeon. You will be given 5000 honor points and 1 Core Cube as a reward for finishing the dungeon.

Quick Summary Honor Points:

1st box beside the coffin in the last Vampire Boss(Pertz) 3200 honor
2nd 100 honor points in Printz Room
3rd Mirror in the last Vampire boss(Pertz) 500 honor
4rd Killian hallway 500 honor
5th Killian Altar 3000 honor
6th Behind the Altar after Death Emblem Quest 3000 honor
6th 8 Trolls defeated 4700 honor
7th Dungeon Finish 5000 honor

Total of 20,000 honor points

Quick Summary Chests:

Treasure Chest – Ekzane to Perzen Bhha and 1st to 4th Troll boss
Relic Chest – Printz to Andreas, Last Vampire Boss and 5th to 7th Troll Boss
Legacy Chest – Killian and 8th Troll boss

Total Chest:

Treasure Chest – 10
Relic Chest – 6
Legacy Chest – 2

Total of 18 chest

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